Yemen Celebrates anti-Polio Success

SANAA, 21 June (State TV) — Speaking during a public ceremony to celebrate the success of the nationwide antipolio campaign, Prime Minister Ali Mohammed Mojour Sunday said “Yemen’s successes in combating polio press on relevant authorities to preserve this accomplishment,” adding “man’s health is an essential part of the government’s duties.” He said “all indicators show that our challenges are sizable and chief among them are fatal children diseases which call for promoting the role of all partners and local societies to galvanize support and spread a culture of health awareness,” adding “we are meeting today to celebrate years of hard work and to declare our non-ceasing support of the health sector,” stressing “under the auspices of the President, anti-polio campaigns were boosted since 1996.” “Despite successes in reducing the number of polio cases in Yemen, our aim is to eradicate the disease and to declare Yemen polio-free and that needs more work,” Mojour said, lauding the role of international organizations on top of which the UN World Health Organization (WHO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the World Bank (WB), the Japanese and Dutch governments in assisting Yemen’s campaigns to eradicate polio. WHO Assistant Regional Manager, Dr. Abdullah al-Saidi said “Yemen has entered a new phase that demands more efforts to preserve this achievement and protect it against any setbacks,” and emphasized the significance of routine vaccinations of Yemeni children across the country.”

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