Court Sentences Convicted Jew Killer to Death

AMRAN, 21 June (news yemen) – Amran Appeals Court Sunday sentenced former pilot, Abdul-Aziz al-Abdi to death after he was convicted of killing a Yemeni Jewish teacher Moshe Yaish al-Nahari in the town of Riydah, 70 kilometers north of the capital last December. A lower penal court in Amran ruled in March al-Abdi was “mentally unsound,” and fined him YR5.5 million riyals but the victim’s family appealed the verdict. Last year, al-Abdi threatened the Jewish community in Amran to “convert to Islam or die,” then shot dead al-Nahari in broad daylight and after a sustained effort by Yemeni civil society, especially Yemen’s Committee for Defending Human Rights and Freedoms (HOOD) organization, al-Abdi was brought to trial, and sentenced to a fine. Meanwhile, Hood Sunday said a crowd of armed tribesmen besieged the court building after the verdict was an
nounced amid reports other tribesmen are surrounding the house of the victim’s family in Riydah, adding “HOOD has received a call from its lawyers, Masha’s defence team before court proceedings, asserting that “they are seized inside the court with some of other journalists and Masha’s family members by an armed tribesmen who belong to the convicted alAbdi.” Meanwhile, 17 Jews living in Amran left Yemen on Saturday for Israel. The families said they were leaving Yemen because of a “spate of attacks against them.” Local sources said “a newly married couple, and the families of Haron Amran and Ali al-Jaradi left the country today heading for Israel.” In February, eight Yemeni Jews left for Israel weeks after a group tossed a hand grenade at their home in Riydah. Director of the Jewish Agency Sunday said his agency is “closely following the situation of the Jewish community in Yemen,” and vowed to assist them “in any way we can,” adding “we want all Yemeni Jews to migrate to Israel and new immigrants will be given special assistance from the agency including 40 thousand Shekel for families.”

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